Undergraduate Program

The EAST ASIAN STUDIES Program (EAST) offers a broadly based approach to the study of the peoples and civilizations of East Asia. It is a rich and flexible Program of study that brings together courses from the academic disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and Literatures, and Fine Arts.

Most of the existing courses focus on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean societies past and present. New courses are being developed that deal with Vietnam, and with those parts of Southeast Asia that sustain close cultural ties with East Asia.

The Program offers a number of undergraduate degree program choices, the requirements for which are described in detail in the appropriate sections. These degree programs have certain characteristics in common:

  1. The focus of the degree programs is on the modern period. It is emphasized that students also should learn to appreciate the cultural traditions behind developments during the 19th and 20th centuries.
  2. East Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary Program. Students are trained to use the concepts, skills, and information of at least two academic disciplines.
  3. Competence in an East Asian language (usually Chinese or Japanese or Korean) is a feature of all of the degree programs except the Honours Minor.

Within the general guidelines and requirements, a student can choose from a rich array of course offerings every year, to create a combination which best serves one's academic interests and career aspirations. Students should consult the Coordinator/Academic Advisor when designing their Program of study.